Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get involved?
You can register for the event by clicking on the Register link and buying a ticket from our Eventbrite page..

How do I fundraise?
You download a pledge sheet from our website. (See link Pledge Forms above.) Ask friends and family to support you in becoming a Hero for Cystic Fibrosis!


What edition of Dungeons & Dragons is being played?
We use the most recent 5th edition rule set.

Should I bring my books and dice?
Yes please.

How many players per table?
5-6, depending on our registration numbers.

Can I be a Dungeon Master Heroes for CF?
We are always looking for DMs, please contact us through Facebook or use the Contact link on our webpage.

Can I play with friends that register or is seating random?
We make every effort to keep groups that sign-up together sitting together.

What character do I make/bring?
All characters are pre-generated and provided at the event.